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Areas of Expertise

Teens & Young Adults

I have spent years working with teens and young adults recover their mental health and strengthen their self-worth in the midst of anxiety, anger, depression, and many other debilitating issues.

Identity Issues & Loss, Grief & Trauma

I am passionate about supporting clients who are experiencing changes in beliefs, views about the world, or differences from their family or systems. With this I am trauma-trained and offer grief counseling.

Individual & Groups

I work with individuals and with groups. I usually offer Grief Support Groups and Sexual Abuse Support Groups for kids. Reach out if you would like to join one!

My Approach

I am proudly a person-centered therapist. This means that I believe you are the expert on your life and that I will unconditionally accept you and who you are. I believe it is my job to earn your trust, not the other way around. I am an LGBTQIA+ ally and am trained and continue training in cultural considerations. All of this leads to a safe and inviting experience, allowing clients to dig deeply into their feelings and experiences as we work together to help heal your person.

My Approach
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